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Our products are designed to assist in incorporating skatepark features into all spaces. We ensure that ease of use and installation, product integrity and environmental sustainability are at the core of our processes as we offer a range of staple features as well as the possibility of custom products to meet project requirements.

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The FLOW Rollovers allow for easy implementation of a staple skatepark feature. Rollovers can be joined together to create pump tracks or installed as a standalone feature.

Rollovers are traditionally an entry level obstacle, in which skatepark users learn to ascend and descend terrain in a continuous flow. Rollovers are often seen in pump tracks, where skateboarders and riders can practice pumping around humped terrain, negating the need to push.

FLOW Rollovers have been designed to cater to all levels of skatepark users, with concrete edges to support grinds and safe fly-offs. The ratio of the rollover humps account for varied use, and at intermediate levels and beyond they can be utilised as kicker ramps, for progression in aerial manoeuvres.


The FLOW Mini Ramp is a mix of Corten Steel framing, HDG Steel coping and Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete coating, with a focus on sustainable use and environmental care the FLOW Mini Ramp is ready to install and become a permanent feature of your environment for endless creative potential and use at all levels of skill.


The FLOW Skate Kerb is a beginner-friendly feature that imitates a street kerb, specifically designed for grind tricks and a variety of flatland-based play. There are 8 variations of the FLOW Skate Kerbs to suit any environment:

● Standard Block which is the traditional kerb shape, flat on the top with sloped sides

● Mixed Grain Bread which has a rounded top, perfect to promote an increased level of balance for grinds while providing easy access to perform slides and slaps

● Business Party which has a flat top, one flat side and one sloped side

● Wild Souf which has steep sloped sides and a flat top

● Two Toes Party which is similar to the Wild Souf, however has a wider flat top for ease and stability

● Pharaoh which is a triangular shape and has a slim flat top with sloped sides

● Silent Assassin which is a low-profile triangular shape with a rounded top, great for roll-ons and slaps

● Funambulist which is triangular shape with steep sloped sides and a slim flat top.

Our Skate Kerbs come in a variety of colours and lengths up to 2.4m long.


Fire Hydrants are a classic aesthetic and skateable feature of skateparks internationally. FLOW Fire Hydrants are made from steel, and can be secured into any environment, which adds a level of creative use to suit intermediate and advanced users.

FLOW Fire Hydrants come in 3 different finishes:

● As is for a traditional rustic look

● Sand blasted for a clean steel look

● Fully refurbished to meet the aesthetic requirements of your project.


Produced with a mix of Corten and GRC or straight Corten, the FLOW Kicker Gap combines a kicker with a small Ledge or elevated platform that can be utilised in various ways, adding a raised surface to your spaces and promoting an array of off-the-ground wheeled-play activity.


The FLOW Manual Grind Box has been built for a variety of wheeled-play opportunities and is designed to accommodate varying skill levels. Fabricated in Corten steel or GRC, this feature inspires elevated play and can be used for grinds, manuals, drops and slides.


Grind Rails are a core feature in the skatepark world. The FLOW Grind Rail closely resembles those that can be found in the public realm, and can be fabricated to meet the requirements of your spaces. Made from HDG Steel and designed specifically to be used for wheeled-play activities, the FLOW Grind Rail accommodates wheeled-play environments for many years to come.


Built to last, the FLOW Rainbow Rail is produced from HDG steel and was produced to inspire creative use and confidence, giving users an array of play options from a beginner roll-on to more advanced grinds and slides.


FLOW Coping Blocks are perfect for bowl and poolside coping or to install creatively in DIY areas. We have an assortment of new and recycled blocks to suit any project, designed for sustained use and engineered to last. We also supply pool coping sourced internationally.


The FLOW Pole Jam is an integral feature of skateboarding that allows users to hit the bent rail and ride up and over it. The Pole Jam allows for a variety of grind and slide tricks and is made of HDG Steel with a Corten infill plate that can be lasercut with imagery. The Pole Jam also comes in a variety of profiles for beginner users up to advanced angles and lengths.


The FLOW Standard Bank Ledge is a GRC and/ or Corten Steel feature that provides an intermediate levelled Ledge and Banked Ledge element with Wollied ends for increased trick variety. Corten infill panels are used on the units that can be lasercut for aesthetic appeal.


The FLOW Skate Stair Unit is made of GRC and/ or Corten that can be mounted to a vertical surface or used as a standalone unit when supplied with additional base unit. This feature provides a number of levels for users to grind and slide with a Skate Kerb element at its base. The FLOW Stair Unit can also be approached from all angles allowing users to gap (ollie) over the feature.


We design and oversee manufacturing of all of our products, and would love to chat about custom products whether it be a customisation of one of our core features or the creation of something entirely new.

Please contact us with your ideas and we can look at developing the perfect products for your project.

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FLOW Resurfacing

FLOW Resurfacing is a cement-based coating designed to be applied to skatepark and playground surfaces. Custom colours can be incorporated to compliment new or existing spaces, ensuring a smooth and sustainable finish that enhances the quality and length of life with wheeled-play use.

Skate Furniture by FLOW

We design and produce prefabricated skatepark furniture constructed with GRC Concrete and HDG Steel/Corten Steel elements. FLOW Skatepark Furniture is made to enhance user experience as well as being easy to install, store and relocate, allowing limitless possibilities for implementation.

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