About Flow

Founded and run by Jessica Taylor and Richard Smith, FLOW is a family business in Aotearoa that designs and produces catalogue and bespoke skatepark features and resurfacing products with user-experience in mind, in an endeavour to see greater accessibility to skateboard and wheeled-play friendly spaces.

Richard brings a wealth of industry knowledge with 17 years of experience as one of Aotearoa’s prominent Skatepark Architects, having designed some of the most iconic skateparks in our country. FLOW allows us to work toward equity in this field by way of increased access to skateboard-friendly spaces.

We believe that wheeled-play architecture should promote creative application and use, so we design our products to be as customisable as possible and are not limited or restricted by manufacturing capabilities or techniques. At FLOW we work alongside local manufacturers to deliver products that meet the requirements of your spaces.

We proudly maintain a model of sustainability and commitment to local suppliers and manufacturers at all stages of production, ensuring that all FLOW products are created to a standard of quality that accounts for environmental preservation.

Skate and wheel-based communities thrive when they can access purpose-built and integrated spaces, FLOW is here to help you envision and create these spaces.

Jessica Taylor
Richard Smith
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FLOW Resurfacing

FLOW Resurfacing is a cement-based coating designed to be applied to skatepark and playground surfaces. Custom colours can be incorporated to compliment new or existing spaces, ensuring a smooth and sustainable finish that enhances the quality and length of life with wheeled-play use.

Skate Furniture by FLOW

We design and produce prefabricated skatepark furniture constructed with GRC Concrete and HDG Steel/Corten Steel elements. FLOW Skatepark Furniture is made to enhance user experience as well as being easy to install, store and relocate, allowing limitless possibilities for implementation.

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