Interview with EAST Skate Club on Lloyd Elsmore Skatepark Rainbow Rail

Aaron Martin is a man on a mission. He is a figurehead in the Auckland skate scene and president of the East Skate Club, a community-led organisation which actively advocates for accessibility of skateboarding and wheeled sports activities. Prior to the formation of the club, Aaron and the team ran the SonSk8 facility and in 2020 they expanded their work to focus on creating more opportunities and pathways for local skaters and their communities.

By providing programs and teaching kids to skate they have been playing a huge role in the encouragement of talent and are busy removing the barriers to access which often hinder young people from pursuing their passions.

East Skate Club recently installed a FLOW Rainbow Rail at Lloyd Elsmore park and is well used by riders of all ages. The park itself is central to the local community, and is in dire need of upgrades. East Skate Club presented a case to the Council, showing that there is strong community need for upgrades and supported the community through their active petitioning and involvement.

The FLOW Rainbow Rail is a simple, fun and easy additional feature that is used across all wheeled sports; it was easy to install with the pre-drilled holes and only needed to be bolted into the concrete - installation took less than 15 minutes and the benefit will last many years to come.

Aaron says that what FLOW has on offer is an asset to any existing skate facility, within a limited budget and space assigned. He said that these products are a great way to add a new obstacle, designed properly with actual skating it in mind.

Acknowledging that Rich and Jess from RICH Landscapes and FLOW have supported their local skatepark scene since the beginning of their endeavors to get it upgraded, they also attended the meeting with the council and supported East Skate Club with the proposed upgrades to the facility.

The local crew are so stoked to have a fun, new rainbow rail to continue their progression within the sport. - Aaron

For more information on the FLOW Rainbow Rail or how to acquire something for your local park please contact us, and for news

and updates on what East Skate Crew is doing please visit their site and show your support.


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