13 FLOW Rollovers at Faringdon Pump Track Reduces Construction Time For Contractors

The use of FLOW Rollovers Reduces Construction time and Costs for the Client

Last year FLOW was involved in the development of a Concrete and GRC Hybrid Pump Track built in Faringdon, Rolleston. The environment encompassed two loops connected by a flowing middle section that provides more stimulation than a standard pump track development due to the designer, RICH Landscapes, having specialist knowledge in the creation of spaces for all wheeled play.

Being constructed with hard wearing concrete and glass fibre reinforced concrete, the space will outlive standard facilities made of asphalt by more than 2 times. Plus integral oxides incorporated into the mix give an unlimited amount of colour options allowing more creativity and reducing the heat that can perpetuate of black surfaces like asphalt.

FLOW supplied 13 GRC Rollovers and 4 High Strength Skate Kerbs for this project that helped reduce the construction hours required to complete the project leading to cost savings for the client, Hughes Developments. Easily fixed together or mounted to the concrete slab surface the FLOW Rollovers and Kerbs were an integral part to increasing play stimulation while adding to the overall aesthetic of the space.

If you would like to read more about this exciting project you can through the link here.


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