Memorial Park Skate Rink Additions

Prefabricated Skate furniture by FLOW installed at Memorial Park in Tauranga. Get in contact for your wheeled play needs!

Tauranga’s Memorial skatepark (aka The Benches) has been built up over the years to become a beloved local spot for skatepark users, finding itself within the regular rotation of East Coast Skateparks often visited by both locals and travellers from around the country.

We were initially approached by the local Council with a budget of $20,000.00 and a dream of adding more obstacles to the skatepark. After surveying the large open areas of the park, FLOW proposed a range of features to be strategically placed by leading skatepark specialist Richard Smith, with the idea of making the most of the space available to keep users busy and engaged.

Once our concept was approved we began fabricating the product range at our supplier plants in Auckland City. All of our FLOW Skatepark Features are made specifically to order - the modular aspect of our designs allow for alterations or tweaks as per the requirements of a site, or upon request from a client.

FLOW products installed at Memorial Park include three varieties of our Concrete Skate Kerbs, the FLOW OG Fire Hydrant, GRC Kicker, Corten Steel Manual Grind Box and our HDG Pole Jam.

The Concrete Skate Kerbs are beginner friendly and imitate an everyday street kerb, adjusted specifically for users to practise grinds and flatland-based tricks. The Business Party model has a flat top for grinds with one flat side and one sloped side to engage users creatively, Standard Block is a traditional kerb with a flat top and two sloped sides, while Mixed Grain Bread has a rounded top which promotes an increased level of balance. Implementing these three styles of kerb ensures that skatepark users are provided with a well-rounded array of grind and slide options for all skill-levels.

The FLOW OG Fire Hydrant is a retired fire hydrant imported directly from overseas. This feature is commonly seen in street skating videos and has become an international staple in skateparks around the world - we’re stoked to be able to roll them out in Aotearoa. We placed the OG Fire Hydrant alongside one of our GRC Kickers, to allow for users to practise tricks on and over the real-world obstacle.

The Corten Steel Manual Grind Box allows further manual and grind opportunities as it adds an element of elevated play to the park. The corten steel aspect makes all sides of the box grindable and has a long lifespan with heavy use.

The FLOW Pole Jam is one of the more interesting features implemented into the park. It promotes full creativity as users can ride up and down it with a variety of grinds and slides, performing tricks on and off the obstacle, advancing in skill over time - this will keep anybody from beginner to advanced level busy and occupied for years to come.

As part of the service were we also able to customise the features with laser cut wording (Benches) into the corten features connecting the skate elements to the environment.

After working around a few obstacles, all of the features were successfully installed by local contractors with no down-time between installation and use - people were skating them straight away! We’re lucky to be able to work with such amazing teams who are able to find solutions and install our products on almost any site. It really goes to show that there are almost no limitations to enhancing a skatepark in the modern era - regardless of what state a site is in, there is always the potential to make it more memorable by enhancing it for current and future generations to enjoy.

For more information on these products and other available pieces of FLOW Skatepark Furniture, please check out our products page and contact us for details on how to get hold of these for your local park, project or home.


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