Avondale Central Reserve Skate Spot Installation Complete

On August 28th, we had the privilege of installing multiple FLOW Wheeled Play features at the picturesque Avondale Central Reserve in Avondale. The day graced us with a beautiful backdrop as the sun broke through the clouds, setting the stage for the straightforward installation process. Using a hiab truck, we efficiently unloaded the elements into their designated locations in under half an hour.

Reflecting on the project's inception, we engaged in a close collaboration with Eke Panuku and the Auckland Council to secure Land Owner Approval for the establishment of this remarkable skate spot. In a show of commitment, we generously sponsored both the fabrication and installation of these unique features. The ensemble included a GRC Skate Stair Unit with a Corten Base, two skate kerb profiles – "Business Party" and "Mixed Grain Bread," as well as two intriguing 3D printed elements – the Bank Ledge and Wollie Ledge features.

Beyond the immediate provision of a dedicated skate space for wheeled play enthusiasts in Avondale, Tāmaki Makaurau, our project had a broader mission. It aimed to serve as a platform to showcase our diverse range of offerings while pushing the boundaries of construction techniques, with a particular focus on advancing the field of 3D printing.

Our collaboration with Qorox for the manufacturing of these skate elements marked an innovative endeavor within the Southern hemisphere. What distinguishes this approach is its minimal reliance on formwork, if any, and its remarkable ability to substantially reduce material consumption when juxtaposed with conventional concrete construction methods. The deliberate alteration of printing directions has unlocked a plethora of usability options now prominently displayed in Avondale.

In addition to the groundbreaking 3D printing aspect, our robust skate kerbs incorporate an integral oxide that introduces distinct color variations into the concrete mix. The GRC stair unit, with its multifaceted design, offers users a diverse range of challenges, mirroring elements commonly found in traditional street skate spots worldwide. The inclusion of a kerb-like riser at the base further amplifies the feature's versatility.

We would like to express our gratitude to East Skate Club, which has also generously provided a wollie skate rail for the project, set to be installed in the near future.

It is essential to recognize that these features are intended to be temporary and will be removed as the development of new community facilities commences. However, should these features garner significant utilization and support within this setting, we perceive the potential for more permanent fixtures in the final project outcome. Time will be the ultimate arbiter, and we eagerly anticipate the community's response.

For any feedback, inquiries, or further information on the FLOW elements we have on offer, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our online contact form located at the bottom of this page. Your input is invaluable to us as we continue to innovate and serve our community.

To also check out the rest of the features installed please go to our project page here .


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