Masterton Skatepark - Redesign and Reinvigoration

The application of FLOW Resurfacing within the Masterton Skatepark Renewal project and the creative possibilities that came from its use.

The Masterton Skatepark Renewal was an overhaul of the existing Masterton skatepark, in which an expansive redesign and aesthetic rework was implemented to reinvigorate the look and feel of this beloved space for the Wairarapa communities that use it.

The project aimed to restore and redevelop certain features of the skatepark while completely re-working other areas where needed. This approach meant that the park retained its unique character and flow while benefiting from enhancements such as new surfaces and assets.

The design of the renewal project was created by RICH Landscapes, and incorporated the use of FLOW Resurfacing, which opened the door to added levels of creative control. In designing the renewed Masterton skatepark, colourful patterns have been integrated into the surfaces to highlight features of the park, taking it from the traditional concrete look to an artistic paradise. The design itself is a beautiful swirl, which was designed to reflect the river that runs alongside the facility. FLOW Resurfacing was applied to both new and old concrete, ensuring that a cohesive statement of local flavour was well and truly a part of the skatepark as a whole.

The refurbishment of the Masterton skatepark was an opportunity to breathe new life into the existing space, enhancing the park facilities for the surrounding communities. In upgrading the park to meet modern skatepark standards, longevity of the park and its features is ensured for years to come. With FLOW Resurfacing the overall feel of the park has been lifted to an aesthetic standard, vibrant colours have brought a completely new feel to the environment, highlighting the character of its communities while ensuring that the quality of the park is sustained for years to come.

For any information on skatepark renewal and the use of FLOW Resurfacing for your projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Further information on the project from a design perspective can be found on the RICH Landscapes website, here.


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